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Types of Medical Equipment Used

Healthcare equipment is designed to be of aid in monitoring, treating and diagnosing patients. With the development of more hi-tech medical equipment, it helps to find problems early enough to be treated and to aid in patient recovery. Healthcare equipment can be found in hospitals, doctor clinics, aged care facilities, and even in one’s home if they are elderly or are disabled, then it must be a top priority to maintain the right healthcare equipment around their home for their health and safety.

Healthcare equipment should be maintained often to ensure that it is in good working condition. That is why in aged care facilities and hospitals they have special people to come in and service machines regularly to ensure it is safe for patients.

Always follow the manual provided and ensure you have a professional with you that is qualified and confident on how to use the tool or product, especially if this is all new to you. Having the help of someone qualified and confident will ensure that the patient is being treated with the appropriate care that is going to make a beneficial impact on their health and wellbeing.

Workers who are not trained in how to use specific equipment properly should not attempt to do anything until they have carried out training classes to ensure they know how to use the machine or device safely and adequately. 
If the equipment is not used correctly, this can lead to harming and injuring the patients, which is a horrible risk you do not want to take.

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The basic types of equipment are as follows:

Durable medical material

Durable medical material is often known as raised toilet seats, to help those who struggle to bend their knees when using the toilet. Commodes and wheelchairs along with power operated walkers that help to enhance quality living for patients who don’t have the proper mobility. Oxygen tents, iron lungs, catheters, lift beds and nebulisers. Durable medical equipment helps to protect all patients from injury and aid them in improving their mobility and independence. Without this equipment the quality of living for these patients would not be good, as small struggles would become big struggles.

Biomedical equipment:

Biomedical tests for equipment are used in the accurate measure flow which is unique. These have been used for ventilator testing, and anaesthesia gas delivery, oxygen concentrators to measure the oxygen levels and the nitrous oxide pressure and flow.

Diagnostic equipment:

This equipment is used to test, diagnose check for specific health conditions. These include a stethoscope, x-ray machines, and sphygmomanometer MRI machines all fall into this section. A correct and early diagnosis can mean the proper treatment and better outcome. Hospitals are designed to treat, diagnose and care for the people who have an injury or are suffering from a disease.

Therapeutic equipment:

Therapeutic equipment includes ultrasound, laser therapy, electrotherapy, and magnet therapy. These types of equipment are high technology in their designs. They are used to not only heal but also prevent as well. From swellings to open wounds and diseases in the range of diabetes to lymphedema, patients that will require these products.

Surgical instruments:

The success of how surgery goes part depends on the tools used during the operation. There are six categories for the instruments:

Cutting instruments:

These are known as dissecting knife, bone chisel and tenotomy scissors along with bone cutters that are used to reduce in surgery.

Grasping instruments:

Holding instruments used in surgery as forceps dissecting, needle holder, forceps for tissue and Pinzette.

Haemostatic forceps:

Kelly forceps, Kocher forceps, mosquito forceps and these are used to stop the blood flow in surgery.

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