Selecting the Right Staff for the Right Team

When you take a look inside your business, the asset that is most dear to you is your employees. As
you are also paying your employees your money and the companies revenue, it is important to make sure you are hiring the right people to complete the right jobs, regardless of the industry you are in. Medical professionals, legal specialists and even educators need to know of the vast importance in hiring the right team to associate with. A skin doctor will need the perfect receptionist, just as a lawyer will need the perfect legal aid.

You need the staff that have the right skills and the knowledge needed for the job. While it may be
tempting to hire friends and family, they don’t always suit your particular business needs. It costs
you too much to hire unsuitable staff and will just complicate things further especially if you
previously know them. Paying for retraining staff is another expense you will have to consider, make sure you can pick the perfect team off of face value and provide them with the training to become the right person for the right team.

It makes it easier to find the correct staff for the job if you develop job descriptions way before you start the process of finding staff. Look at all the options that may be available to you. In order to find the right solution, you need to assess your situation now before recruiting to avoid too much time consume and expense. This will help you look for the people that your business needs. An example may be a laser skin clinic looking for another dermatologist to join the team or a cosmetic surgery clinic seeking another breast surgeon who may be a specialist in cosmetic surgery for women. Cater your job descriptions to the staff needed.

Look at your requirements

Once it is agreed that you need new staff, you will need to consider how long you want the staff for and how many new team members you are needing. Perhaps you are just needing some staff to help you through a busy time or maybe just someone to cover certain days.


Plan ahead and take into consideration whether you want help straight away or are you happy to
train an already existing employee. Be adjacent and ready to adjust to any situation that may be thrown your businesses’ way.

Review your business plan

Go back to your business plan when you are looking for new staff or thinking of retraining existing staff. The business plan should have all the details about the staffing needs, the skills and knowledge they need to have. If you discover that you have some gaps in your plan, are they going to have an impact on the business? If so you need to address these aspects before considering hiring.

Look at your existing staff

Look at your existing staff first. There may be current staff that have the skills needed or may be willing to learn further to gain the knowledge needed to further their job. It can save you money and time by training current staff than hiring new staff that may not work out. Sometimes it may be an option to provide training for your current staff in areas they may have not been developed in as of yet. It may not lead to expertise or specialists, but it can give your team a sense of adaptability as well as comfort and confidence within their own skill-set.

How do you go about searching for staff?

Once you have an understanding about the staff you are looking for and your job description is ready, you now need to think about how you are going to hire them. Advertising vacant jobs on social media is a common way to reach people, but you are not just limited to online. Monitor online job recruiting sites, advertising in newspapers and revisiting CVs kept from previous applicants. Sometimes you may have already come across the perfect person or application.

Networking can be useful when it comes to gaining new staff. Word of mouth is great for networking
such as seminars, meeting and associates of your business. Your staff is your most and underrated valuable asset. Under-trained staff can cause risks and damage your business brand and staff that lack the personality to deal with customers is not going to get you far at all. Take your time looking for the perfect staff in order to gain the most success from your business. Make the steps in your selection process a priority and you will find the ideal candidate to help aid your business and lead you further than you could have ever expected. Regardless of position or level of authority in the company, all positions should be taken seriously and when hiring to fill an assistant, manager or senior position you should treat them all equal in level of importance.

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