Rising 2019 Hotel Trends

Some resort tendencies create ripples in the business, others tidal waves.

But regardless of how big or small the effects of a trend, the resorts that profit from it the most are the ones that accommodate their guest experience to it the quickest. This is something unique and independent hotels like the MacQ01 hotel, being nimble, innovative, and totally free of the rigid standards feature of big chains, are in the best position to achieve.

The Easy Guest Experience

Though perhaps not the most attention-grabbing of the modern hotel trends, this is just one which keeps popping up in business news due to just how fundamentally important it is. While the guest experience could really be broken into different stages — browse, select, and stay being the big three – If this process is not smooth sailing hotels are likely to lose bookings.

Any substantial change in the appearance, feel, and simplicity of this booking stage, when compared with the research phase, causes friction for the guest experience which leads to travellers to not go through with their booking. In precisely the exact same vein, even if it is a cinch to reserve a room online but check turns out for a lengthy procedure for filling out forms by hand, then it sets guests up for disappointment and frustration.

Hotels are implementing technologies to automate and enhance the whole guest experience from begin to finish, from attractive resort profiles to optimized guide booking motors to searchable check-in functionalities. Hoteliers are taking possession of each and every stage of the client journey and in so doing, are producing the guest experience travellers not only enjoy but have come to anticipate.


The Unique Experience

The business is entering a golden era of personalization response to growing customer expectations. Each guest has adopted their own uniqueness; the resort sector has to adopt it also, in all of its unique-as-a-snowflake splendour.

Hotel technology suppliers are exploring solutions which will make the whole guest experience tailored 100 per cent to the person: for their perfect hotel standards, even to their meals and music tastes.

Hotels are reacting to the trend by focusing on making certain that their guests feel as guests, such as unique individuals rather than a one size fits all approach. By recognizing and catering for their guests’ idiosyncratic preferences and fancies, and during personal interactions with employees, resorts are curating not only 1 guest encounter, but as many as there are individuals who check in.


The Transformational Traveller

This resort trend is one which reflects a new doctrine of travelling, another phase in the growth of experiential travel, known as “transformational travel”

The travellers supporting this tendency have been seeking self-reflection and advancement within their journeys, to associate with humankind and the organic realm, and to return home transformed, with shifted views and a deeper comprehension of the planet they occupy.

Hotels are encouraging them in this assignment.

This may mean anything from providing an off-the-grid meditation escape, experiencing a storytelling hotel or even offering volunteer work experiences with non-for-profit associations. These guest encounters are the antidotes to dumb indulgences along with the mindset which the worthiness of a resort stay lies at the Instagram posts that will follow.

The Foodie

Nobody would call exceptional meals a “trend.” “A celestial part of your experience,” certain. What’s a fad, however, is your new and various ways that resorts are integrating food to the guest experience.

We are seeing decadent in-room dining functioned well into the wee hours of this afternoon; cooking courses ran in a wineglass bay resort restaurant for families and adults alike; fresh, organic ingredients sourced from the local Tasmanian oyster farms tour the guests went on earlier in the day. In addition, breakfast buffets so delightful that they withstand the expression “buffet” rather a “sumptuous feast”

And we are seeing all this since travellers are currently choosing resorts exclusively for their meals and food-focused guest encounters. Hotels are climbing, such as soft, pillowy dinner rolls from the oven, into the event.

The Green Guest

Travellers are getting more conscious of the carbon footprint, and are wishing to decrease it wherever and however they could — beginning with reserving rooms in resorts with the very same values. The resorts that adopt these values and accommodate the guest experience with them not just welcome more guests, but in addition they cut down on energy waste and conserve cash.

From activities instantly visible to visitors (believe responsibly-sourced toiletries, lighting and air conditioning that change off when the area is empty, along with a towel-reuse coverage ) to attempts happening behind the scenes (going paperless using a cloud-based property management program ), hotels are going green on many fronts.


A Closing Word

Every one of these guest encounters is indicative of fluctuations in the business, some of which might prove to be impactful and long-lasting than many others. However, some items, it stands to reason, will stay constant: Hotels should remain open to shifting, whether it comes from the kind of new technologies or new perspectives about travelling. Decent hospitality never goes out of fashion.


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