Office Design Essentials

Having the perfect workplace is essential in order to run a productive and efficient organisation. Each design and layout must be tailored to the business to create a space that feels comfortable and motivates employees. In an office environment, everything must have its own place. The layout, for example, is a core element of any workplace and influences all workers. Office interior design is another principal element that affects all occupants

Enjoy your design

There are a couple of points to remember when coming up with a design that is appropriate for you and your organization. First, the design should represent the overall brand image and show potential clients who the business is. Furthermore, the space should consider any potential expansion opportunities that may arise in the future. Particularly in the fast-paced start-up industry, obtaining a design that is expandable and flexible can save the money and time you would typically reserve for building, new furniture, and additional build-out. Other benefits of a flexible design are the ability to easily adapt to different projects, new employees or event rent desk space to other small businesses. Renting a portion of your space can bring in fresh and new individuals while also earning an income off the space.

It is important to aim to have about 100 to 250 square feet per individual as this can provide employees with a sufficient amount of room to move around, stretch and feel as though they have enough personal space. Make sure that there is a place for people’s personal things, so everybody is able to feel relaxed and secure in the office space. There should also be areas for workers to unwind in the workplace — sofas, TVs, kitchens and other common areas can assist workers with morale which will build a greater work atmosphere.

Portray your workplace in sufficient lighting

Have you ever experienced an overwhelmingly vivid, bright, fluorescent room? It is not typically effective and comfortable.

Be mindful of your lighting options and be sure to supply ample lighting in each component of your workspace. Finding a space with large windows can let in natural light which you should use to your advantage. If there is no sufficient lighting, invest in lighting which is not overbearing, but powerful enough to give consistent illumination to all areas within the workplace.

Office Design Essentials

Give personality to your work environment through colour

We are inherently vulnerable to the psychological effects of mild and therefore, colours affect all our senses. Different colours can evoke different types of feelings and emotions. Find your interior design style by arranging your office colour scheme to match your personal preferences. Neutral colours can create a calm, cosy and simple atmosphere. Using greenery such as plants can highlight the colour green which helps create a fresh and bright atmosphere. You can work with colours not only through using a can of paint but also through desk stationery, curtains, pillows, and even kitchen utensils. Brightening up an office space with simple placements of colours can make all the difference.

Keep a comfortable climate

Your workspace climate does not only refer to the temperature in the workplace, but also the cultural climate and general disposition of everyone who is working there. Ensuring your office space is not too hot or too cold, can help employees work more effectively and to focus on their tasks without distractions. If you operate in a flexible area, having warmer and cooler regions throughout the workplace would accommodate to different body types and temperature tastes.

Using and considering all these tips and tricks can create a healthy and happy work environment. Before you pick your next office, think about how you can incorporate the elements of your own personal style in your own workspace!


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