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How to Film Your Social Media Videos

Social media videos can be used for marketing and social media campaigns. When online retailers offer consumer products, a short video clip of the product can be helpful to potential customers. Let’s use an example: a YouTuber vlogging about popsockets. If you want people to look at your videos – they have to be good! Especially with that much competition on the market.  Agencies and consultancies can also upload videos as part of their online portfolios or in sales pitches for clients. Most social media users believe that online content with informative videos helps them understand the brand message and purpose. It’s a fundamental part of modern internet marketing strategy. Now let’s talk about how to shoot the best web- and social media videos for your brand. 

Advantages of Filming Social Media Videos

  • Filming and live streaming videos on social media will likely increase audience engagement. Your followers, subscribers, potential clients, and connections will discuss your content and (hopefully) share your videos. 
  • Social media videos that are compelling can convert followers to customers. Customer awareness of your online products and goods will increase with more video views. 
  • Visual content on websites and social media can serve as portfolios for professionals.
  • Brand managers can also use live streaming videos to execute their workflow in an effective manner. 

What to Consider Before Filming Social Media Videos

When the production is disorganized, it is difficult to plan your video workflow. Many social media users don’t follow the best practice of video production. Often that might be because they are in a hurry to launch the videos, and don’t have enough time planning the shoot professionally. Below we are sharing some of the best tips on how to ensure you are prepared before filming your videos.


Get a high-quality microphone

Lighting fixtures can add a soft glow to your social media videos. During filming, studio lights can enhance the quality of videos. You can install make-shifts overhead lights above the windows inside your office. Usually, overhead lights will cast nasty shadows on the faces of subjects, so try to avoid any lights that remind the audience of a hospital! 

On that same note, try to block any sunlight from entering the studio if you want consistent lighting quality. To achieve the best possible image, install a minimum of three lights on a scaffold at the corner of your office studio.

During filming, the subjects in the video should be in the middle of your shot. Aspect ratio 1:1 or 9:16 is the ideal setting for framing social media videos. It’s important because these subjects can be cropped off during the editing phase of production.

  • You should make professional videos with high quality when filming in 4K, except if you need to zoom and crop the videos. 
  • Create a content calendar, and follow a workflow of filming videos in batches.
  • Prepare a space in your home or office that can serve as a DIY Video Studio.

How to Film Social Media Videos

  • Plan Your Video Ideas

Monitor top-rated blogs and vlogs and take note of the quality and content of their videos. Google Analytics is a useful digital tool to check trendy social media posts in your niche. This strategy can help you to generate tons of ideas. With the internet, you can also get updates on the most shared blog posts. It shows how many people shared a specific post, and why they are popular.

  • Create the Content

Scriptwriters have content-writing skills that can be used for visual messages. They can also create storyboards with detailed notes on how to execute the videos. Without a storyboard, it can be hard to visualize video shoots and other important aspects of production. The content should capture attention, and focus on your brand. Also, it must be engaging and straightforward.

  • Control Sound Effects

Usually, social media videos play automatically. To avoid distractions, many users prefer viewing videos without sound. But you should still use sound for the videos, because many people choose to watch with their headphones on. Keep in mind that an empty room might cause reverberation and echoes. So it’s best you install sound-dampening panels in your studio, instead of allowing these unwanted effects to ruin the audio quality. You could also temporarily disconnect the studio’s ventilation system to reduce noise levels.

  • Record and Edit

If you record your videos with a smartphone, make sure you use a mobile phone stand to get the professional look you’re after. A stable video is easy to edit and attract bigger audiences. Smartphones like the recent models of Samsung and Apple can produce high-quality visual content. There are also many different software on the market these days. Use them for editing your videos, and you should have a series of professional videos in no time! 

  • Publish and Share

Your video is now ready! It’s time to share across all social media profiles. Good luck! 

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