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How Facebook Can Be Your Best Marketing Tool

Do you want your business to have an online presence? Then Facebook is possibly one of the first if not the only social media platform that would come to your mind. This is because creating a Facebook profile for your business is far less expensive than creating a website.

Facebook, which started as a simple social networking platform for connecting and communicating with friends and families, has greatly developed into a powerful if not the best marketing tool presently for business owners to market their products and services, connect, and communicate with existing and new customers.

Irrespective of the type of business you run – b2b, b2c, a software company, an agency, or an e-commerce site – Facebook can be your best marketing tool. However, despite this opportunity, most business owners, who even have a Facebook account, are not yet leveraging Facebook for marketing their products and services

This guide will cover a brief explanation of how you can use Facebook as your best marketing tool and get measurable results.

For you to be able to fully use Facebook as your marketing tool, you would need to create a Facebook Page for your business. Creating a Facebook Page for your business is similar to creating a website for your business. Your Facebook Business Page would be the meeting place, where people (new and existing customers) can find your business online, connect with you, and learn more about the business you do.

Creating a Facebook Business Page is quite easy and straightforward. And the process is super easy for any business owner to understand.

If you already have a Facebook account, log in to your profile, click on the drop-down icon located at the upper-right corner and click on “Create Page.” If you don’t have a Facebook account already, log on to Facebook, at the bottom of the screen you should see “create a page.” Click on the link to get started.

About 6 categories would open up on the screen, choose the one that describes your business most. However, it advisable to choose “Business or brand.” This is because this category works fine for all e-commerce stores. Choose “Local business or place” or even “company, organization or institution” if you have run a brick and mortar shop.  

The next involves filling out all the required information to get you started on your new Facebook business page, this includes:

  • Filling out basic information about your business
  • Uploading a profile picture and a cover picture. If you don’t want to use just a picture for your cover photo, you can also use a slideshow or a video.
  • Adding more business information, such as your business description, location, contact info, etc.
  • Customizing the various sections you want on your business page
  • Adding other collaborators in case you work in a team

By carefully following the above steps, you would have created your new Facebook business page in no time. The next step is to start your marketing process by publishing posts about your business, which may be pictures, texts, links, videos, stories, etc.

However, before you start posting, there is an important aspect of Facebook that you must know. This is the Facebook News Feed. Facebook uses a News Feed to display the posts from users. But as more people join Facebook, the number of published posts increased and it became difficult to display every post on the News Feed. The Facebook algorithm was then introduced to organize the posts displayed on the News Feed. With the Facebook algorithm, not all your posts will reach all those who like your page but only relevant and interactive posts. Instead, the more people are interacting with your posts – giving it likes, shares, and comments – the more they would be considered valuable by Facebook.

Texts are the easiest to create but should be spiced up with emojis and multimedia. Links always show a preview, which is usually an image with a headline or description. You can also add a brief text to the link. Picture posts may have 1 or more pictures, which would be automatically resized to 500 px wide and the height will adjust accordingly – using a picture of about 500 px is great. Video posts are probably the most engaging and most popular post at the moment. Stories are vertical images or videos that make use of the entire screen of your smart device but disappear after 24 hours.

Finally, post regularly, schedule your Facebook posts and post when it is relevant to your audience. Engage with your fans, reply to comment, and create a great product, etc. by doing these, you would be making Facebook your best marketing tool.


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